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Cinnamon is used in ginger-cinnamon honey drink, which can heat the body, dispel bloodless, activate blood movement, strengthen the belly, and relieve pain. It is appropriate for drinking when the arms and toes are cold under normal situations; whilst ginger with pores and skin can beautify the effect of diuresis and swelling. Dr. Zhong stated that this drink can’t only assist relieve menstrual discomfort, however also accelerate metabolism. It’s far suitable for individuals who relieve menstrual discomfort and need to be lighter. But, it must be noted that people with a physical charter of yin deficiency and immoderate fire, dry mouth and tongue, and constipation ought to now not take it.

voip phone system


  • Condition : New
  • Brand : Godox
  • Item Type : Security and Surveillance Camera

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